Designed as a better way to gather feedback.


Marketers are constantly seeking feedback though programs to understand engagement levels.  The most popular measure amongst leading brands is the Net Promoter Score®️ .  A leading indicator of how likely a customer or employee will be to recommend to a friend or colleague and a great measure to have.  Correlating the emotional experience, however is a different challenge.

We believe that identifying emotion at the point of service or on an important topic can add tremendous value to understanding insights.   What better way to do that than with the rise of the emoji in communications.

The Emoji "Heart" became the most frequently used word in 2014.  Emoji symbol accessibility is now mainstream - built in keyboards, messaging apps and even email have embraced emoji.

Our Emojiscore®️  is based on selecting five (5) faces and allocating a positive, neutral or negative score.  Each single response emits the score to the real-time scorecard, enabling auto aggregation of results.   Similar to NPS®️  the Emojiscore®️  will reflect your overall sentiment at point in time and then can be tracked for trending purposes.

Enjoy Emojiscore®️ !  Help us validate and spread the emoji by running your own Emojiscore®️  experiments today.  Make sure you contact us to engage with our platform and service offerings.  



Very Happy +2
Happy +1
Meh  0
Disappointed – 1
Weary face – 2

How your emojiscore®️ is calculated